How Are Your Lights Making You Feel Today?


The lighting in an area can affect the way an individual thinks and feels. For example, being in a dull or dark room can make the energy feel slow and down. However, being in a bright and lit up area can uplift your mood and encourage positivity.

It’s like when the sun comes up – a bright morning denotes a happy day. Just as we have light outside from the sun, it’s important to have light in your house to keep the energetic feeling going. Making sure you have good lighting in your house as well as bright colors can help you feel positive and more engaged.

Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

While lots of us choose colors in our home for designing purposes, the reality is that different colors can change the mood within your house. If you have a darker room that doesn’t have much light, it can make someone feel lazy, tired, bored, and even negative.

However, if you have brighter colors in your house, you can expect to feel happy and energetic. The different colors in our house can result from the paint we have on our walls, the type of lighting we have, and if we have other light sources coming in, like the sun.

Sometimes, brighter isn’t always better as it can get irritating or hard to see. However, maintaining a light color around your house is important to feeling good.

Flickering Lights: Annoying and Potentially a Problem

The lighting problems we experience can range from fused light bulbs to poor lighting quality. Flickering lights are common amongst light bulbs when they are going bad. Flickering lights are quite annoying, and they can ruin the mood in the area.

Not only can they cause problems with your mood, but they can also be a sign of a circuit problem within the lightbulb itself. It could be that the bulb is at the end of its life. Therefore, you should be sure to change your lightbulb when it seems they are functioning poorly. This is essential to maintaining a bright interior in your household.

Prefer a Dimmer Look?

Despite the fact that many people enjoy lighter houses, some people actually like their houses a little darker than the average person. This is completely acceptable and is also common.

Something that can help to achieve a dimmer interior is to install light dimmers! These can help your house dim the excessive light and tune the area to your liking. This way, you can enjoy your house whichever way you prefer, lighter or dimmer.

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If you’re interested in changing up the lighting in your house or prefer a different shade, consider contacting Good’s Electric, Heating & Air to assist you with your needs. We’re experienced with lighting and can ensure that you’re given what you’re looking for.

We have a range of lighting options for all types of likings, including brighter lights as well as dimmer lights. Indoor lighting is very important and we’re here to help you enhance it!

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