AC Bedroom Installations That Will Work in Your Small Space


These days, a large portion of people are choosing to live in smaller spaces such as studio apartments or smaller houses. There’s even a movement that continues to increase in popularity called the “tiny house movement.”

Tiny homes are portable houses that are typically constructed to be 400 square feet or smaller; those who choose to live in a tiny house do so because they are cheaper to build, less expensive to maintain, and they can essentially place them wherever they’d like to live.

One of the best things about living in a smaller space is a reduction in your utility bills and the ease of which you can properly maintain things like your essential water needs and heating and air needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at portable air conditioners, ductless HVAC systems, and smart thermostats and how you can benefit from each one.

Portable Air Conditioners in Small Spaces

One of the benefits of living in a smaller space is the ability to change up how your home or space is cooled. In traditionally sized homes, you’re often dealing with expensive and difficult to maintain AC units.

There’s also the option of window units, but they tend to be clunky, loud, and they block valuable sunlight in a smaller space. In comes, the portable air conditioner, which is ready to use right out of the box, is less loud than an AC unit and should have less of an impact on your utility bills than a traditional central AC system. This option is definitely worth considering for your small space.

A Ductless HVAC System May Be a Better Investment for Your Space

While portable air conditioners are a great option for tiny homes and for small spaces in general, a ductless HVAC system can be an even better choice.

Many users of this type of HVAC system report high energy savings of up to 30%, while still being able to cool their rooms off very efficiently.

Essentially, a ductless HVAC system works by placing a unit in the wall of the room you wish to cool and works with an outside generator to create the air conditioning you require to effectively keep your room at your desired temperature.

Smart Thermostats Are the Way to Go

Smart thermostats can definitely be a more expensive investment, but when it comes to long term savings in your home’s energy costs and if you need to maximize the cooling in your home it’s certainly worth the investment.

Having the ability to not only monitor usage straight from your smartphone but also being able to get detailed reports on your home’s energy usage and how to effectively keep things cool is invaluable.

Considering the options discussed above and the benefits to alternative cooling systems, if you have a large or small home or space that you need assistance in properly cooling, give Good’s Electric, Heating & Air a call and we’ll send a technician out right away! Our experienced HVAC techs can help you decide which cooling options will be best for your home and get everything installed and up and running for you quickly.

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