Residential Electric


We offer expert electrical upgrades, installations for switches, dimmers & electric circuits throughout Youngstown

Our professional electricians handle all types of electrical work such as adding and trouble shooting existing wiring, appliance circuits, spa circuits, ceiling fans, cable outlets, dimmers, switches, and telephone/DSL jack.

We are constantly reinvesting in our business and new equipment in order to provide Youngstown homeowners with professional electrical service second to none in the area.

So when it comes time to repair or upgrade the wiring, electrical appliances, or any other aspect of your home’s electrical system, give us a call. At Good’s Electric, our team of qualified and professionally trained electricians will take care of your Youngstown residential electrical needs and ensure the job is done safely and correctly. We know the ins and outs of electrical systems, from electrical wiring to breaker boxes and everything in between, so you can rest assured that we’ll get your electrical problems under control in an efficient manner. You can count on Goods Electric LLC, your Youngstown Electrician.

Electrical Upgrades

There are different reasons that may call for an electrical upgrade in your home. If your home was built 10 to 15 years ago, or if you have recently purchased some demanding electrical appliances, it is time for an electrical upgrade.
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Installing new lighting fixtures can be a cost-effective way to transform your home. Whether you are looking to remodel your home, or you just need to replace broken lighting fixtures, Good’s Electric has the experience to get the Youngstown residential lighting job done right the first time.
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Outlets & Switches

It’s not something you give much thought to, most people never consider replacing their power outlets or light switches unless it’s for redecorating purposes. But sometimes there is a real need to do this, especially if they are worn out and becoming an electrical fire hazard.
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Safety Devices

Each year thousands of electrical fires ravage homes in the United States. Many of these electric fires can be easily avoided with the proper electrical safety systems put in place. Good’s Electric has been making sure that homes are safe from electrical shocks and fires for almost a decade.
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Diagnostic & Repair

The last thing you want is for your home and family to suffer from preventable and easily fixable electrical problems. That’s why Good’s Electric has been offering the best electrical repair services to the Columbiana Ohio communities for almost a decade.
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Electrical Wiring

At Goods Electric LLC, we work with both residential wiring installation and other services to keep your electrical systems in good shape.
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If you are looking for Youngstown residential electrical services then please call (330) 533-2125 or complete our online request form.