Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning is a wonderful thing, it makes your home comfortable whatever the weather is doing outside, and it does it reliably. In fact, air conditioning systems today are so reliable you probably can’t remember the last time you gave your system a second thought. Maybe you get a service done every so often, but mostly it just works when you need it.

The problem comes when it doesn’t work, and for most of us, that point is usually when we need it most. You probably know the story, the first day of a heatwave and Jack turns on his air conditioning, hears a lot of noise, gets a blast of warm air and then nothing. That is more than inconvenient, it can be a real problem, which is why we provide a fast, reliable air conditioning repair service that does exactly what you need.

We work hard to give you the cool, comfortable home you should always have, as quickly as possible, so you don’t have to sit in uncomfortably hot conditions. Don’t just take our word for it, with thousands of satisfied customers who have enjoyed our friendly, caring approach to Home Comfort, our reviews speak for themselves.

Our service

Your air conditioning system may be something you take for granted, but it is a piece of Equipment, and while modern systems are very reliable, like any Equipment, it needs some care and attention to keep it running smoothly when you most need it. From a fast repair in an emergency to regular maintenance that keeps everything as it should be, having someone you can rely on to look after your air conditioning system makes all the difference.

At Goods Electric Heating & Air, we know how important it is that you can trust us, which is why everything we do is focused on giving you the best service possible, every time. We are very proud of that, and the 600 plus reviews and 5-star rating that our service has achieved show that we have achieved that goal, and why so many people do rely on us and trust our ability to look after their air conditioning equipment. Our friendly team will look after you from that first call, they always keep you informed and a ready to answer any questions, we always make sure you know exactly what is being done and when. If we say we will be there, you can count on us.

Whenever you ask us to do any work, we provide an upfront price, so you always know beforehand what cost is involved, no nasty surprises after the work has been done or an hourly rate for work that never seems to end. Our highly trained technicians work efficiently and always treat your home as if it were their own, and through them we offer a comprehensive air conditioning repair service that includes:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Tune-Ups
  • Compressor Repair
  • Duct Work
  • Thermostat Service
  • Annual Service Partner Plans
  • Any home air conditioning needs

Whatever your air conditioning problems are, from a simple service to a complex overhaul or emergency repair, you can count on Good Home Comfort to deliver a 5-star service every time.

When our highly trained technicians visit your home, they will always act in a friendly, respectful manner. They will deal with your air conditioning issues as quickly as possible, and they will help you to understand what caused the problem and answer any questions you have. Your technician will even put on shoe covers before entering your home, because we understand that it is your home, not a workplace, and it should be treated with the same respect that we always treat you, our customers.

The Good Club

When warm weather arrives, your air conditioning causes problems, isn’t it just the way things are?

It doesn’t have to be, with membership of our Good Club service, you can have ongoing maintenance and service for all of your heating and cooling equipment. If you want peace of mind, the best service possible, and to save money at the same time, then Good Club membership gives you all that and more.

Good Club membership is a simple idea, it gives you peace of mind that your system is working safely and reliably. This is achieved with two annual System Checks for your equipment every year, ensuring that it is always working at peak performance, which can save on energy costs as well as delivering improved performance, and it can help your air conditioning system to last longer too.

The comprehensive Heating & Cooling System check that features:

  • Check and tighten connections.
  • Check contactors and relays for wear.
  • Check temperatures and pressures.
  • Inspect belts and pulleys.
  • Inspect condenser motor.
  • Inspect controls and safety devices.
  • Inspect filters.
  • Test and label emergency shut-offs.
  • And more!

The service can spot problems before they affect you, adding reliability so that when the hot weather comes, your system will work.

The Good Club has other benefits too, including discounts on services, and no emergency charges if you do have a problem. Members also get priority scheduling, so your call will be scheduled ahead of non-members. That is not only for normally arranged calls, it also applies to emergency calls, meaning our Good Club members always come first.

The best thing about Good Club membership though, is that you don’t have to worry about your heating and ventilation systems. Because we schedule two annual System Checks for all of your equipment, we make sure it works as it should, and can identify problems and deal with them before it affects you. With a member’s discount on any repair work, you save money too.

As a Good Club member, you can be sure that when the weather changes, your air conditioning won’t let you down, and because our team receive ongoing education to keep up with industry advances, we are able to handle even the latest equipment with ease. The future is never certain, which is why your Good Club membership is transferable to your new home should you move.

For more information about our air conditioning repair services or membership of The Good Club for you or a family member, please get in touch today and discuss your needs with our friendly, informative customer service team.