Goods Electric, Heating & Air Provides Electrical Panel Service Upgrade Services in Ohio

If your Ohio home is over 30 years old, or if your current electrical service amperage isn’t providing enough power for your home’s needs, an electrical panel service upgrade is likely in order. Upgrading your home’s electrical panel is often necessary because older homes can’t provide enough power to support modern energy needs, since the load on domestic electrical systems increases every day. Having the Goods Electric, Heating & Air professionals increase your home’s amperage capacity allows you to use more power safely, giving you an improved performance from your electricity supply.

Your Ohio home’s electrical service is rated by amperage, or the amount of electricity that can flow into your home at a given time. Increasing this amperage with Goods Electric, Heating & Air’s 100-amp, 200-amp, or 400-amp electrical panel service upgrade services will provide you with countless benefits, including a safer electrical system and the ability to use more electrical appliances. You can enjoy a consistent power supply, an increased Ohio home value, and lower electricity bills thanks to increased efficiency.

When you have Goods Electric, Heating & Air handle your electrical panel service upgrade, you can expect professional, high-quality service. This entire process typically takes about a day, during which your electricity will be disconnected. We will coordinate with your local Ohio utility provider to install your electrical panel and arrange the necessary inspection of your electrical supply.

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Thank you for trusting the electrical professionals at Goods. We’ve kept Youngstown area homes bright and comfortable since 2001.

How much does an electrical service upgrade cost in Ohio?

The cost to replace or upgrade your Ohio home’s electrical service panel will depend on how many amps you will be upgrading to. For example, a 100-amp service upgrade would be the least expensive option, while upgrading to 400-amp service will be more costly. If you would like a no-obligation cost estimate for your electrical service upgrade, contact the Goods Electric, Heating & Air professionals by calling us at (330) 845-5782

What amperage service does my Ohio home need?

Your Ohio home’s electrical service needs depend on the number of electric appliances you have and the size of your home, among other factors. Smaller homes with gas heating or other gas appliances will have their electrical service needs met with a 100-amp panel. 200-amp service panels are the current standard for the average family home. A 400-amp service panel is often a good fit for large homes, or for homes with electric heating and cooling systems. Call Goods Electric, Heating & Air at (330) 845-5782
for more information on which electrical service panel amperage is right for your home.

Can I upgrade my Ohio home’s electrical service panel myself?

Goods Electric, Heating & Air strongly recommends against attempting any electrical work yourself. Unless you are a trained electrician, DIY electrical work can be incredibly dangerous and life-threatening if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Additionally, you may cause more harm than good when trying to upgrade your electrical service, as this is a complicated process that requires the proper training and certification to successfully complete. When you need to upgrade your electrical service panel, let the professionals at Goods Electric, Heating & Air handle the job.

Signs Your Ohio Home Needs An Electrical Panel Service Upgrade

Unlike the vast majority of appliances, your Ohio home’s electrical service panel won’t break down and stop working entirely. Instead, it’ll see a slow decline in output before finally failing. If you notice any of the following signs in your home, contact Goods Electric, Heating & Air for electrical panel service upgrade services:

Flickering Lights: If the lights in your home flicker when one of your appliances turns on, you’ll want to look into an electrical panel service upgrade, since your current amperage is struggling to provide enough power for your needs.

Discolored Outlets: When your current electrical service fails to provide enough power, it may become overloaded. Extra heat from excessive power may cause your outlets to become discolored, and they may turn a darker shade or even brown.

Buzzing or Humming: Any strange noises coming from your electrical panel, or your electrical system as a whole, is a sign that you need to replace or upgrade it with Goods Electric, Heating & Air.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping: If your circuit breaker keeps tripping when you turn on a high draw appliance, like your washing machine, it means that more electrical current is flowing through the circuit than it can handle. This means it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel to a higher amperage!

Burning Smell: Never ignore a burning smell in your Ohio home, since it could lead to a fire. This odor may be caused by too much current flowing through the wiring, an overloaded system, or a loose connection. If you can see sparks or smell burning, these are clear indications that your electrical system requires immediate attention.

Old Age: If your home’s electrical system hasn’t been upgraded in the last 30 years, you likely have a lower grade service that can’t run as many modern appliances as you’d like. Whether your electrical panel is 30 years old, or you aren’t certain how old it is, it’s a good idea to look into upgrading it with the help of the Goods Electric, Heating & Air experts, since an outdated panel will eventually fail.

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