Air Conditioning Sales & Installations

Modern air conditioning systems are incredibly reliable. With regular servicing, they can last for years, but eventually, like any machine, the cost to repair and keep them running becomes more than the cost of replacement. That becomes a problem if your air conditioning fails just as the weather turns warm, and it can leave you with a home that is too hot and very uncomfortable.

When that happens – and to be honest, if your air conditioning system fails it usually seems to be when you need it most – then you need a fast, easy and affordable solution. What you certainly don’t want is to be miserable and overheated in your own home. Our sales and installation service is designed to do just that, not only do we offer a range of reliable and affordable air conditioning systems, but our team of expert technicians can install them quickly and with as little disruption as possible in your home.

Not only can we replace your old system quickly, but because we install AMANA air conditioners, you get improved energy efficiency and that made-in-America quality you can rely on. In fact, these fantastic systems are designed, engineered, and assembled right here in the U.S.A. We choose them for a reason – because they offer the high quality, reliable and easy to live with performance that you deserve in your home. We have many online 5-Star reviews and thousands of satisfied customers who testify to the durability and quality of our installations, and our 5-star service rating is something we are very proud of.

Our Service

Whatever your current air conditioning system, when it gets to 10 years or older, or has not been regularly serviced, it is often in need of replacement. Age or lack of service lead to unreliability and poor performance. In fact, a poorly maintained, out of date system can be costing you a fortune as they use much more fuel than a clean, up-to-date new system does. Over its lifespan, new systems can make significant savings for you in running costs alone, and with quieter, better performance, they keep you cooler and more comfortable too.

Good’s is able to get your home cool and calming again when you need it most. With our professional team and high-quality AMANA equipment, you can keep the hot weather outside again. From the minute you get in touch with us, our friendly team will walk you through the process of designing a new system to replace your old one. They are ready to answer any questions and will help you find the perfect system for your home. We will always offer you a choice of energy efficient systems that will save you money in running costs every day. Our professional technicians will remove the old system for you and fit the new one. Our on-site team is friendly and courteous, and they will look after your home as if it were their own. They even wear shoe protectors when inside your home to avoid any mess!

The AMANA air conditioners we install are economical and reliable. With guarantees ranging from 10 years to a lifetime, they are built to last! Another wonderful thing about Good’s is that we present you with upfront pricing. This means you know exactly how much the work will cost before we start the work. No hidden extras, just our fast service and quality products, every time. To make sure you always find the best system, our service includes:

  • A full assessment of the installation
  • A choice of installations that meet your requirements
  • The removal of your old system
  • Fast, professional install of the new unit
  • Complete testing and help with using your new air conditioner
  • Upfront pricing – so no nasty surprises.

We only use high-quality systems, and you can be sure that your new AMANA system will be economical, reliable and perform great every time you turn it on.

Knowing when it’s time for a new system can be a challenge, because you get used to the way your system works and do not always realize it’s a problem. However, there are some things you should look out for:

  • Excess noise from the unit or ductwork
  • Moisture or leakage around or near your system
  • No cool air or poor air flow coming out of the vents
  • Strange smells coming from AC vents
  • Your energy bills going up considerably
  • The thermostat does not seem to keep temperature steady
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • If your system is 10 years old or more and has not been serviced regularly

We will happily guide you through the process of choosing a new system, and we will install it with the care and attention to detail that your home deserves.

The Good Club

Even with a new system, you want to keep it performing at its best! Who hasn’t been met with that whiff of warm, smelly air when you turn an air conditioning system on at the start of the hot weather and realize it is not working as it should. That’s why we designed our Good Club. As a member of our Good Club, we will help you keep on top of regular maintenance, and make sure that when you turn on your air conditioning, you get the cool clean air you expect every time.

Good Club membership provides peace of mind for you for all of your heating and cooling equipment. It’s so simple! With your membership, you get two annual inspections and check-ups for all of your heating and cooling equipment each year. Those checks make sure your system works when you need it, and also keeps it operating at peak performance, so it is energy efficient and running costs are kept low. By ensuring it is always well maintained, your equipment will last longer too.

Each tune-up and inspection includes an 18-point air conditioning check, and that looks at all areas of your equipment as follows:

  • Check and tighten connections.
  • Check contactors and relays for wear.
  • Check temperatures and pressures.
  • Inspect belts and pulleys.
  • Inspect condenser motor.
  • Inspect controls and safety devices.
  • Inspect filters.
  • Inspect fan motor.
  • And more

With our professional technicians regularly checking for small problems, they can be taken care of before they become large problems and large repair bills. This also means that when you need your air conditioner, you know it’s working at its best, keeping running costs low and your home cool.

As a member of the Good Club, you also get discounts on our services, saving you money on repairs around your home. If there is a problem, you will have no emergency charges and priority scheduling, which means you are put ahead of non-member calls.

With your Good Club membership giving you two inspections a year, you know that your equipment is always in good health, and that peace of mind moves with you. If you do move, your Good Club Membership is transferable to your new property as well.

For more information about our air conditioning repair services or membership of the Good Club for you or a family member, please get in touch today and discuss your needs with our friendly, informative customer service team.